Crop Management

Crop management with SAP B


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Security and Compliance

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Transparent task management on the farm field

Apply management practices for mass irrigation scenarios, Use chemical application tracking (CAT) tools to meet regulatory requirements, Procure, store, and apply crop input materials such as chemicals and fertilizers

SAP Farm/Crop Management

Field planning

Planning of farm field operations based on budget, resources and production goals.

Crop lifecycle management

Provide sequence of activities across the crop lifecycle for different crop types. This includes tasks for chemical application, irrigation and other field activities.

Harvest management

Plan and execute harvest activities, with precise measurements of crop yields and qualities.

Mobile access

Provide mobile access to field operator for key functions like quality measurements and task recording.

Farm/ Crop Management with SAP B1 improves farm field and crop management to maximize crop yields. Farm Management orchestratesĀ field planning, planting, growing, harvest operations, produce receipt, chemical application tracking, and nursery and irrigation management. Greater insight from real-time data providesĀ a shared vision for higher yield productivity.