Digital Business and Transformation

As people, business, and “things” increasingly interconnect in the Digital economy, existing business models are being radically disrupted. What does it take to become an intelligent, digital business? Check out SAP Business One – #1 ERP solution for SMEs and start your digital transformation journey today!


We have experience with many projects where we have implemented SAP Business Suite solution for comprehensive management of all management processes of large companies, in most cases combined with custom development.Over the last two years, we have implemented three extraordinary projects on SAP HANA and currently we implement the latest version of SAP S/4HANA 1610 at our customer in Russia.


SAP S/4 HANA is the optimal information system for medium-sized businesses that need to increase their competitiveness by faster, more accurate and more efficient management of their business processes. It contains preset industry-oriented solution on the SAP platform, combined with the best practices in the field. Its advantages include robustness and stability, and the ability of unlimited growth and adding of system functions or easy and transparent access to any data in real time. Our company industry solutions S2AP are built on SAP S/4HANA platform.


SAP Business One (SAP B1) application provides a uniform and affordable management solution for the entire enterprise – from the sales and customer relationships through warehouse and production management to financial and operational matters. It is designed specifically for small and midsize companies, which it helps effectively manage the core processes, make decisions based on up-to-date information and achieve higher profitability.

SAP Business One Support has developed an Integrated Implementation and Operation Concept that enables certified SAP Business One partners and their customers to implement and operate a stable and reliable SAP Business One system. Two categories of activities that must be handled in parallel already during the implementation phase are:

Implementation Management

This includes all activities that support the implementation of the system and the configuration of the business processes.

Solution Management

This includes all activities that prepare the customer to operate the system permanently with minimal total costs of ownership.


An Implementation and Operation Guide and Customer Project Documentation support you during all steps. The Implementation Guide includes several guidelines that describe all necessary tasks for your SAP Business One implementation project such as Implementation Guide describes the implementation method, useful links and documentation as well as check lists and a business process analysis questionnaire. System Initialization Guide describing all setup parameters and definitions in SAP Business One. G/L Accounts Setup Guide describes the purpose of all G/L Accounts that need to be defined for the different business processes. Data Migration and Balances Guide describes the data migration from legacy systems with the Data Transfer Workbench or manually for master data and open balances of business partners, inventory and general ledger. In the Service Level Agreement, the partner and the customer agree on the operational tasks that will be fulfilled by the customer or by the partner. The Service Level Agreement should specify exactly who is responsible for each task.

To add solutions, you can use two tools:

SAP Business One utilities, such as user-defined fields, queries, and formatted searches
SAP Business One Software Development Kit [SDK]
The SDK is provided in two versions:
1 – Implementation Version
The implementation version can be used to add individual customer requirements (for example, changing the screen layout) without changing the business logic of SAP Business One.
2 – Development Version
The development version can be used to develop Add-on solutions to interface with SAP Business One.